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DELUXE double room ( Hotel Divi Paradise )


Deluxe Double Room in Ooty: Your Gateway to Exquisite Comfort and Serenity

Welcome to our Deluxe Double Room in Ooty, a serene and luxurious haven designed for the ultimate comfort and relaxation of you and your companion. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Ooty and indulge in the serenity of this well-appointed room.

  • Spacious and Luxurious: Our Deluxe Double Room offers ample space and luxurious amenities to ensure that you have a truly comfortable stay. Sink into the plush double bed adorned with premium linens and soft pillows, providing you with a restful and rejuvenating sleep every night.
  • Attached Bathroom: Convenience and privacy are at your fingertips with the attached bathroom in the Deluxe Double Room. Step into a well-maintained space equipped with modern fixtures and amenities, allowing you to refresh and unwind at your leisure.
  • 24-Hour Hot Water: Enjoy the luxury of 24-hour hot water supply, providing you with the perfect temperature for your showers at any time of the day. Embrace the warmth and comfort during the cool evenings of Ooty’s pleasant climate.
  • 24-Hour Cold Water: Quench your thirst and stay refreshed with our 24-hour cold water supply. Whether you need a quick drink or wish to cool down during the warmer days, our hotel ensures that you are always catered to.
  • In-Room Entertainment: For moments of leisure, our Deluxe Double Room comes equipped with a television, offering a variety of channels for your entertainment. Unwind with your favorite shows or enjoy a relaxing movie night with your companion.
  • Tranquil Ambiance: The Deluxe Double Room is designed to provide a serene ambiance, allowing you to disconnect from the outside world and find peace within. Embrace the tranquil atmosphere and let the soothing vibes of Ooty’s natural beauty envelop you.
  • Spectacular Views: Ooty’s picturesque landscapes are just a glance away.
  • Personalized Hospitality: Our hotel takes pride in offering personalized hospitality to cater to your every need. Our attentive staff is always at your service, ready to assist with any requests and ensure that you have a seamless and memorable stay.
  • Explore Ooty: Our hotel’s strategic location allows you to explore Ooty’s top attractions with ease. Stroll through the vibrant markets, visit the iconic Ooty Botanical Gardens, or embark on a scenic ride aboard the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Book Sightseeing Trips
  • Relax and Unwind: After a day of exploration, return to the tranquility of your Deluxe Double Room. Enjoy the quietude, sip on a hot cup of tea, and let the gentle sounds of nature create a soothing ambiance.
  • Fine Dining Experience: Treat your taste buds to a fine dining experience at our in-house restaurant. Savor the delectable flavors of Ooty’s local cuisine or indulge in international dishes, prepared with utmost care and finesse.
  • Wellness and Rejuvenation: In addition to the comfortable room, our hotel offers wellness facilities to help you rejuvenate. Unwind with a relaxing spa session or keep up with your fitness routine at our well-equipped fitness center.
  • Photographer’s Paradise: Ooty presents endless opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Capture the beauty of blooming flowers, misty hills, and glistening lakes with your camera and create memories to last a lifetime.
  • Memorable Honeymoon: The Deluxe Double Room is the perfect choice for a memorable honeymoon in Ooty. Celebrate your love amidst the picturesque landscapes and cherish romantic moments with your partner.
  • Aromatic Tea Plantations: Discover the charm of Ooty’s iconic tea plantations. Take a tour and learn about the tea-making process while relishing the aroma of fresh tea leaves.
  • Nature Walks and Treks: Immerse yourself in nature with guided nature walks and treks that allow you to explore Ooty’s hidden trails and appreciate its diverse flora and fauna.
  • Cultural Experiences: Ooty’s rich culture is on display through local festivals and traditional dance performances. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture and create lasting memories.
  • Easy Accessibility: Our hotel’s convenient location ensures that you have easy access to Ooty’s attractions and nearby amenities, making your stay even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, our Deluxe Double Room in Ooty offers a harmonious blend of comfort, natural beauty, and memorable experiences. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Ooty has it all to make your stay truly unforgettable. Book your stay now and let us be your gateway to the wonders of Ooty. Unwind, explore, and create cherished memories in this picturesque hill station with your loved one.

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